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Tarot Card Readings


Ok, so we have had MANY inquiries about doing TAROT READINGS for TTC purposes, and we have currently made it exclusive to those who have joined our Facebook Group (PEE-ON-A-STICK-FREAKS)

BUT – You can ask far more questions than just TTC (Trying To Conceive) related ones!


  1. Fertility
  2. Infertility
  3. Pregnancy
  4. Jobs
  5. Finances
  6. Relationship
  7. Marriage
  8. Infidelity
  9. Trust
  10. Family

We do them DAILY and NIGHTLY.

You CAN email our scheduler Monique, BUT it’s a ton better to be apart of our TTC Group where we have an extremely positive feedback file for members who have had readings done, and tons of member support! 

I have had about 15 years experience doing tarot, (aside from being a fertility writer) and I really enjoy helping everyone with their TTC journey, Relationships, Money, Jobs, Lives, etc.

In order to get a Reading done – you MUST have a Facebook account, because the Reading will be done through Private Message (on Facebook) or via Facebook Messenger.





1) – This is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY! This means, it’s all in good fun. I am very good at what I do, but there are times when I may be wrong, the cards could be wrong. All I simply do is interpret what the cards are saying. It is related to being a Psychic Medium, (but not quiet the same) it’s based more on interpreting the cards and a strong intuition – although it still falls in the same family. I’m also Clairvoyant and I do Dream Interpretations as well.

2) – The cards are NOT time stamped. That means I may be able to tell you, “Soon,” but I cannot give you a specific date.

3) – There will be a certain time-frame I have for the reading itself, and explanation plus how many questions you may have – will have to be done within that time lot. ALSO – Please let our scheduler know if you want a specific day or date, and if you want the first available appointment.

4) – You will have to post your payment & proof of payment BEFORE you get a reading scheduled.

THIS MEANS – You need to post proof of the actual amount you spent, not just something that says payment has been made.


Ex – 

“Here is the receipt for the $25.00 USD for the 10 card In-Depth Celtic Card Reading with 5 Questions” 



5) – If you’re not familiar with Tarot Cards, please do some research on it. Tarot IS NOT affiliated or associated with witch craft. There are no voodoo dolls or spells involved with it.

6) – Each card will have a general meaning, so the interpretation will be dependent upon your question(s).

7) – My availability will be from 5pm-Midnight (Monday-Sunday)  *Central Time.*




8) – There’s a 3 Card, 1 Question Minimal Reading Required

9) – With every Reading, (2-3) cards are required and Mandatory per Question. 

10) – PLEASE Expect to converse the first 15-45 mins of the scheduled Reading. A true Connection is a MUST in order for the Reading to be helpful. Feedback via Facebook Messenger in between the Cards will also be helpful to maintain and further enhance the connection.

11) – PLEASE Sign & Agree to this Doc /Rules indicating that you understand and Agree to the Disclaimer provided before being scheduled!



GUIDELINES for Questions: (What to REALISTICALLY Expect)


1) – Try not to ask questions where a Time Stamp IS required.


Example – 


“When will I get Pregnant?”

Try asking like this – 

“Will I get Pregnant Soon?”



Example –


“Will it be a Boy or a Girl?”

Try asking like this –

“Will it be a Boy?”  

– OR –

“Will it be a Girl?”



Example –


“What type of job will I get next?”

Try asking like this –

“Will I get the ________ position soon?”


2) – As much as I would LOVE to give you a month, day and time as to WHEN something will happen, I unfortunately can’t. My interpretation is only based off of YOUR question at hand, and the actual meaning behind the card itself. I may see it happening, I may visualize it, but I can’t say specifically.

3) – WHAT TO EXPECT: An honest reading. I cannot stress enough that I can ONLY tell you what I’m currently visualizing. Conversation upfront for me is good, because it allows me to gain a connection with you! I may tell you I don’t know, and sometimes (unfortunately) the amount of cards ratio to the amount of Questions you purchase may NOT be enough to give me the information I need. But, I will do my BEST. 




ALSO – Please expect about 20-30 minutes per card (depending on the amount of conversation at hand) and prepare a time-slot based off of that depending on how many cards you have! Readings CAN be timely, and keep in mind that’s what makes mine genuine from most. I do it live one-on-one vs via Email because I like to feel a genuine connection with you and I refuse to do a reading if I’m unable to. I will NOT simply email you the reading behind the cards. If I don’t have a legitimate connection with you, the reading will not do you any good as I would be guessing vs feeling and visualizing things. 

NOT TO MENTION –  Honest information upfront and throughout the reading is vital. It gives me a realistic perspective on things and I can focus on what NEEDS to be focused on – rather than guessing. I’m NOT a Psychic, I’m Clairvoyant – (although it runs in the same family)


  1. 1.
    a person who claims to have a supernatural ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact.
    synonyms: psychic, fortune teller, crystal gazer; More

  1. 1.
    having or exhibiting an ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact.
    “he didn’t tell me about it and I’m not clairvoyant”
    synonyms: psychic, telepathic, visionary, oracular;

    “he didn’t tell me about it, and I’m not clairvoyant”



Additional Cards


YOU CAN ALSO PURCHASE AN ADDITIONAL QUESTION(S) AS WELL! (This option may need to purchase of an additional card depending on the original spread)


Additional Questions

4) – With every Reading, (2-3) Cards per Question is Mandatory. Unfortunately I cannot get much insight off of 1 card alone, and especially if there were more Questions than Cards. One card alone may not signify much, as it’s more about what the overall pattern says.

5) – You can always purchase additional cards if need be. Most of my clients do, or they schedule an additional reading. It just depends on what you’re trying to find out or get answers to.

6) – You can ask ALL KINDS OF QUESTIONS! The Do Not have to solely be TTC or fertility related, although many are.

7) – If you schedule late at night – PLEASE bare with me. Especially if I’ve had multiple readings that night. It takes a lot out of me, I do this along with many other things, I work more than one job and I may get tired, or need to take out my contacts, get a snack, a drink, briefly attend to my kids, etc. I’m human, and I may need to walk away for a min or two. Please be understanding! As I will be the same for you….


(The DIFFERENT Types of Spreads)


(Our VIRTUAL Tarot Deck)



** I will tell you the Name of The Card, Send you a Pic of the Card (so you can get a visualization from it), then I will proceed to Give you the MEANING along with my INTERPRETATION of it. **



NOW THAT YOU UNDERSTAND – Here is the protocol for a Reading.



** It’s $2.00 per card, and $1.00 per Question.**




1) – Make Payment 

2) – Email Proof of Payment, along with how many cards and questions you want during your reading to:

3) – (With a Facebook Account) Pm ME HERE once that’s been done, with your email address so I knows who’s requesting a reading 

4) – PM me a pic of yourself at least 30 mins before scheduled reading waste up HERE






3 Card 1 Question Mini Reading –

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards


6 Card Short Reading (Choose 1-2 Questions)

Number of Questions with Reading


8 Card Medium Reading (Choose 1-4 Questions)

Number of Questions with Reading


10 Card In-Depth Celtic Reading (Choose 1-5 Questions)

Number of Questions with Reading





– For now, it’s $10.00 USD per dream, and $1.00 USD per Question. 

– If it gets to the point where dreams are becoming a bit longer, elaborate on details, etc. than I may also put an option for extensive dreams as well.

– I will allow an hour time slot for this. You have 4 options, when getting one of these:

00 No Questions. I simply just interpret the dream for you.

01 Question – I interpret the dream, and you can ask 1 Question.

02 Questions – I interpret the dream, and you can ask 2 Questions.

03 Questions – I interpret the dream, and you can ask 3 Questions.




Questions for your Dream Interpretation

You MUST provide proof of payment first, Email ME, PM me your email address, and I will schedule the appointment, the same way I would with a Tarot Reading.

– Also, Please PM me a recent pic of yourself waist up HERE at least 30 minutes beforehand.


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